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With the support of a great team I have managed to host a number of high profile annual events at Glasgow Caledonian University. The events have been featured  across the nation’s media, including BBC’s Good Morning Scotland, BBC Scotland website,  Scottish TV website, Metro newspaper and The Times.


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Scottish Game Jam

I co-founded Scottish Game Jam with my PhD student Romana Khan in 2009. An annual event, part of the Global Game Jam, we have now become one of the most significant venues with over 250 people registering in 2013. Our event was the focus of the book Global Game Jam: 48 Hours of Persistence, Programming, and Pizza at Scottish Game Jam. weblink



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Jamming 4 Small Change

Forget the fictional world of Harry Potter, Jamming 4 Small Change is where the real magic happens– it is Scotland’s creative industry manifesting life changing products in just 48 hours, for real people with real problems. That is why I am so proud of this event and the people who take part.




BAFTAplay logo smallBAFTA play

The British Academy  of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) have teamed with Glasgow Caledonian University to host “BAFTA play” – a celebration of up and coming talent in game development across Scotland. The event showcases winning teams from the three big Scottish  game competitions – Scottish Game Jam, BAFTA New Talent, and Dare to be Digital.