creative producer (emotional play)




In 2008 I was invited to tour the western United States of America on a motorcycle. Not having any clue how to ride a motorbike, this was the start of a very big adventure – and a whole new play experience. I started the learning process in December 2008, and finally passed my test in April 2009 – just weeks before I was to fly out to San Francisco to start my first bike tour.

I have completed two tours of the US and a tour of Europe. I currently own a BMW R1100R – and she is gorgeous.


Spending much of my life in virtual spaces, I am always pleased to be out in nature – whether that is out in the garden, building eco shelters, or taking kids out on conservation trips.

wildwood heartHeart of the Wildwood

I am chair of the charity “Heart of the Wildwood”, an holistic land art, nature art & forest school/nursery for communities in and around Oxford. The charity is also a member of the Forest School Association



green team

Green Team

Since 2011 I have been a volunteer with Green Team, an Edinburgh-based charity who take children into the countryside to help on conservation projects. You will find me taking out 14-25 year olds on day events, weekend camping, and week-long island trips. We build paths, plant trees, build bonfires and have fun outside.


dirty lightbulbs

Dirt Between Lightbulbs

Marrying my love of nature and my passion for biking I crossed the US with Duncan Barnes in 2012 to make a documentary about sustainable living. In particular we were looking at sustainable technologies for building homes. We interviewed the builders of cob cottages, straw bale homes, geodesic domes, homes made from bags of earth, and tree houses.