creative producer (emotional play)



Undergraduate Teaching

One of my roles at GCU is Games Champion – that is I am the strategy lead when developing our games offering. In 2003, a year after I joined Glasgow Caledonian University, I proposed our first ever game development programme. Since then we have gone from strength to strength and now host a series of very successful  undergraduate courses, including:

BSc / BSc (hons) Computer Games (software development)

BSc / BSc (hons) Computer Games (design)

BA / BA (hons) Computer Games (art & animation)

BSc / BSc (hons) Psychology with Interactive Entertainment


Module Leadership

I currently lead the following game design modules:

Game Design #1 – Game Design in Theory and Practice

play | games | audience profiling|  game structure | game mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics | optimal experience (flow) | prototyping | play testing


Game Design #3 – Designing for Emotional Engagement

emotion | motivation | bonding | defence | acquisition | wonderment | narrative | music | measuring emotion | game adaptation